Astronomy Star Party for 4th Graders

The Star Party is a science event where Acton and Boxborough 4th graders and their families become astronomers for a night. Sponsors of the Star Party include the Acton Public Schools (APS), the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB) and Acton PIP.

The Star Party has indoor and outdoor (weather dependent) components. Check the Star Party Website for a green "Go" or red "No Go" message. Note: Students must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. At the party, particpants are introduced to star gazing by a Sky&Telescope Magazine representative before joining Galileo in the gym. Galileo, played by Mike Francis, gives the evening a historical spin, then encourages the audience to join the astronomers outside to view the stars. See the "Acton Under the Stars" video below.

The winter and spring skies deliver spectacular shows from Saturn's rings to the Orion nebula to storms on Jupiter. The star gazers finish with hot cocoa, snacks, and take-home Starfinder Charts. The Star Party complements the 4th grade APS curriculum. See the Star Party at-home activities for 4th graders.

NASANew Project! Learn your way around the night sky by finding constellations. Download and print the Star Finder for this month at the NASA site.

Astronomy Links

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Star Party

2012 Star Party
2012 Star Party

2014 Star Party

Over 700 Students and Parents participated in the 2014 Star Party! Thank You to all attendees and our wonderful volunteers!

Read the Wicked Local Article about the 2014 Star Party.

Read about last year's event in the Beacon Article about the Star Party. See 2013 Star Party Photos, courtesy of David McCormick.
Star Party

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2010 Star Party Flyer
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All photos are courtesy of David McCormick.

Volunteer Resources

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