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Family Math Game Night

Family Math Game NightPleae join us at the 2015 Family Math Game Night. This year's AB PIP STEM K-12 event will include Domino Math, Sudoku, KenKen and Set. Back by Popular Demand: Legos & Robotics with the ABRHS Robotics Team!

Each winter AB PIP STEM holds a Family Math Game Night including Domino Math Games, Sudoku, Set and KenKen©. These math games are a simple, inexpensive, fun way for students from kindergarden through high school to practice estimation skills and number facts. Younger children can play addition and subtraction KenKen or Domino games using dominos sets with 0-6 or 0-10 dots per tile; Family Math Game Dominoesadvanced students can play multiplication and division KenKen games or experiment with equations using domino sets with 0-15 dots per tile. No two games are alike, which keeps KenKen, Sudoku and Domino Math fresh and exciting. Acton PIP provides the dominos and volunteers hand out game instructions. All you have to do is show up with your family. This year's event includes Legos and a robotics demonstration the ABRHS Robotics Team! You and your child can also explore the connection between math and art in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, Math) activity. While enjoying the game night, find out about other PIP events, such as, Market Math and Star Parties. We'll also hold an informal PIP meeting for anyone interested in volunteer opportunities.

Online Math Games

PIP links to many online math games from Brain Teasers to Interactive Challenges. We also loan math reference books at the Acton Memorial Library and Douglas School.

2015 Family Math Game Night

Please join us!
When: Wednesday, January 14, 2015, Open House, 5pm to 8pm
Where: Boxborough Sargent Memorial Library (Route 111)
Who: Open to All Ages

Watch the Robotics video on the Beacon's Wicked Local website from last year's event.

Game Details

Domino Math Instruction
Domino Maze Addition
Domino Maze Multiplication
Domino Races Addition
Domino Races Multiplication
Roman Road Addition
Roman Road Multiplication
Domino Target

KENKEN and Sudoku Rules
KENKEN Instructions
Wikipedia KENKEN
KENKEN Blogspot
Web Kenduko
Web Sudoku

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