PIP Events, Grades 7 through 12

Math Games
Math Games
Math Games
Family Math Game Night is a winter, community-wide event. PIP volunteers bring dominos and instructions for Domino Math games, Suduko and KENKEN. Domino Math games are a simple, inexpensive, fun way for students from 1st grade through high school to practice estimation skills and number facts. Younger children play addition and subtraction games; advanced students play multiplication and division games or experiment with equations. Appropriate for all grades.
Earth Hour
Green Projects
Acton PIP supports green initiatives including Earth Day and the GreenActon team. Earth Day is a community-wide spring event that focuses on conservation. Find out what your family can do to help conserve and protect our precious water and natural resources. Appropriate for all ages. The GreenActon team is a volunteer organization encouraging sustainable townwide initiatives. See the Green Projects page for information on Earth Day and the GreenActon team.
Solar Projects
Solar Projects
PIP joins the Acton Solar Panel Project in encouraging alternative energy education and environmental awareness among young people. In collaboration with the Acton Public Schools and the Acton-Boxborough School System, PIP is working on educational initiatives for students to learn more about the town's solar panel, data collection and energy consumption. Appropriate for all grades. See the Solar Projects page for details and links to the solar data.
Discover STEM
Discover STEM
Science and Technology Fair
Every two years PIP sponsors a Discover STEM event and a series of Engineering Workshops. Discover STEM is a reverse science fair, geared for students in grades 7 through 12. Scientists and technologists from the community set up booths at the high school to share the latest technology. Previous fairs included robotics demonstrations, one laptop per child (olpc) computing, geocaching, water testing and examples of alternative energy sources.

Engineering Workshops
The Engineering Workshops are led by MIT engineering students. The goal is to answer the question "What is Engineering?" for students in grades 7 - 12. The presenters give an overview of engineering disciplines, explain why engineering is a rewarding career, and share their experiences as engineering students. The workshops include a hands-on activity using engineering concepts. Although the workshops are open to girls and boys, they are sponsored in part by the MIT Women in Engineering (WIE) Initiative. See the STEM Events page for details.
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Physics of Driving
In Control Advanced Driver Training teaches student drivers to react to life-threatening situations behind the wheel. Every year PIP co-sponsors one or two sessions of advanced driver training. Drive In Control offers hands-on techniques for mastering accident avoidance and car control while teaching students about real-world physics. AB teens with a learner's permit (10 hours experience) or license and a parent are eligible. In Control Driving

Only $199 after $100 AB sponsor discount. Sign Up Online for In Control Driver Training. Acton PIP, Acton Toyota and Danni's Place sponsor In Control Advanced Driver Training. In a half day class, In Control teaches effective braking, proper hand and seating positions, precision steering and car control, tire care and maintenance for optimal safety, backing up, emergency lane changes, and the dangers of tailgating. Skid School

At the Acton Boxborough area Crash Prevention Training program, students from several area schools learn how to perform panic stops, how to use ABS breaks, the effect of speed on control, the dangers of tailgating, and much more. The students wear specialized vests designed to measure acceleration in three dimensions while turning, starting and stopping and determining the coefficient of friction.

PIP Resources

AB PIP STEM events and activities take place during the school year. See our Calendar for dates and times for this year's PIP Events. For links to handouts and games for at-home entertainment associated with these events, visit PIP Resources.

Acton PIP also lends math books and science kits and games. These Library Resources are available at the lending and reference sections of the Acton Public Library and the Douglas School Library.

Our website provides links to math and science games and brain teasers. Visit Web Resources for online learning and fun.

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